2019 Huntsville Marathon Donations – Giving Back to the Community

On Thursday, December 19, 2019, officials from the Huntsville Marathon donated $40,000 to several Ogden Valley nonprofits. Jim and Candy Facer, Jim Truett, Richard Sorensen, and Tommy Lee passed out checks during Huntsville’s town meeting. Recipients included Snowcrest Junior High, Valley Elementary, Weber Fire, Weber County Sheriff, Huntsville Town, Ogden Valley Emergency Response Team (OVERT), and Weber Pathways.

Huntsville Marathon Donation

This year the Hall of Fame Award was presented to Michelle Duran for her dedication and support of the Huntsville Marathon since its inception, as well as her furthering the sport of running. Michelle has finished every Huntsville Marathon, has run in every state, and has completed 110 marathons. A cancer survivor, several years ago Michelle and her entourage of “Ladies in Pink,” ran the marathon while Michelle was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Over the last eight years, Huntsville Marathon has given $470,000 back to Ogden Valley.

This hometown, Boston-qualifying marathon attracts racers from across the U.S. and from several countries around the world. Runner’s World magazine recently ranked the Huntsville Marathon #6 in the country as a marathon to qualify for Boston.

Learn more about the stunning course, the amazing athletes it attracts, and the Boston-qualifying guarantee at huntsvilleutahmarathon.com and sign up to run or to volunteer. Either way, be a part of this philanthropic and fun race!

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