Huntsville Marathon Runners’ Testimonials

January 12, 2015. Rated BEST Marathon in Utah by (a TripAdvisor company).

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“…Utah (Huntsville): Huntsville Marathon

I ran the half marathon yesterday and was very impressed with your event. I was the race director for the first 4 years of the Park City Marathon, so I appreciate the herculean efforts required to put on events like this. Most people don’t understand the huge number of details that need to be planned and organized for things to go smoothly. For example, the way you did the runner bag pick-up in the tennis court. Genius! Those volunteers deserve a medal.

The race was very well organized and your volunteers were just awesome! Each aid station did a fabulous job and everyone was so friendly and encouraging.

Thank you for putting on such a great event and keep up the good work. I’ll see you next year!
Park City, UT

Just a short note to say WELL DONE! This was the best race I’ve ever participated in. I ran the marathon on Saturday and have to say it was a great experience! Everything was so smooth and organized! Wow is one word to describe this race! Before you know it…you will be bigger than St. George! The aid stations were fantastic. Plentiful and well stocked. The volunteers were wonderful and motivating. Plenty of porta-potties at the top. Great to have the tent as well. It really saved me because I am cold all of the time and if I had to stand out in the cold, I might have never recovered! The finish line was fantastic and well organized. One of my group needed the medical tent at the end and they were fabulous! I don’t have one single complaint about how this race was put together! Even though I was under the weather on Saturday, I still PR’d. Great course! Keep up the good work! AND THANK YOU!

Idaho Falls, Idaho

I wanted to thank you and all of your staff for an absolutely outstanding marathon. I appreciate the organization, support, and friendly people throughout the race. In the future a larger tent at the start may be useful, but that is the only criticism. The aid stations were nicely dispersed and I really enjoyed the skittles! I ran the half marathon last year and the full this year but this is certainly my favorite marathon in Utah! Keep up the excellent work & thank you!
Salt Lake City, UT

I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience last Saturday! My dad and I walked the half marathon together and had a very enjoyable day. The volunteers were amazing, the course was beautiful, the weather perfect, and everything was just really well organized. I had just run the full Top of Utah Marathon the week before. At 15 years old, TOU is a well-oiled machine, but I must say that as I compared the two, Huntsville was right up there as well — you’d never know that this was only a 2 year-old event! So thanks again for a great day!


Thank you first an amazing first marathon experience! This past Saturday was an amazing day and I wanted to say thank you. I will never forget it and will be back to run it again!

I came in third for the 20-24 y/o male division but was not able to stay for the award ceremony, I unfortunately had a prior commitment. Is there any way my award could be sent to me? It is something I will cherish forever. My name is Michael …and my address is … Dudley MA 01571

thank you so much and thank you all again and thanks to all the volunteers that made Saturday such a special day for me.

The location and time of year. I loved all the water stations – it was wonderful to have so many!! I loved all the posters with encouragement. The bag drop was very well done. I loved it! You guys did an amazing job. Very organized. Thanks so much.

Loved it!

I was a first timer and said I would never do one again but after running the race and experiencing the atmosphere and hospitality I am wanting to do it again. The way it was run and handled and the friendliness of the runners, volunteers and town’s people have me wanting to return. Thank you!

Very organized. Great help at the aid stations. Great job! Your shirts and medals are always my favorites for any of the races I do in a year.

Beautiful scenery, good amount of water stations.

I really liked how beautiful the run was.

I Love the down hill course!

The people were super positive, they explained everything well, and they were just very nice. It was very well organized and they even went above and beyond to think of runners needs, thanks!!

Was well organized. Have talked to others about this race.

The EXTRA, Cheer Leaders, Music, Band, Singers, along the last half of the course. I ran the Half. I liked the “chip timing”, I wasn’t sure which blue mat was the finish, very impressed with the finisher medals, also the place medals. Let the Weather people know that we really like the weather this year. Tell ALL of Your HELPERS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I will see you next year.

Loved it all! Loved the drink and food stops, the energy, the finish line it was all great in my opinion. First marathon and it was a great experience, I will be doing another!

First 2/3 view was unreal. I’ll run next year for sure.

Very well organized. Thank you for a very professional event!

Great course!

I loved the course and the time of year. The extra aid station at the end was great too.

Well organized, great aid stations, lots of volunteers.

It was fantastic all around! I loved everything about it! It is absolutely beautiful there! It was a great marathon.

Good Organization, Beautiful Scenery, Good course. I loved that it was more on a downhill incline. That made it easier for someone like me that is from out of state and not used to your Higher Altitude.

I liked how many port-o-potties there were at the start of the race!!! No standing in long lines wondering if you’d have time to drop your gear bag off. I liked the music at the start line. I liked the heated tent at the start line. It was such a good idea. The course was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I liked how the community pulled together and supported us with music, Swedish fish, clapping. The cheerleaders were a fun addition! The downhill helped me get a PR on my marathon! Just the right amount of downhill – you get a fast time but your legs aren’t shredded.

Thank you for putting this race on! I’d advertise it to other people except then I’d worry about everyone in Utah finding out how great this course is, and having a running cap! 🙂 I would definitely consider doing it again. Thank you for putting the event on. The people in Huntsville were all very nice, and the trail was beautiful to run on.

I loved the course, the time of year, the beautiful colors, running by horses (also running!), the late start, the finish! (And I loved running the kids race with my kids after finishing my own half-marathon–that was so great!)

Beautiful location.

Everything! Great support, great shirts, great medals. I loved the fact that one of the aid stations near the marathon finish line had baby wipes! I could clean my disgusting face before I crossed the finish line! I looked like i hadn’t even broken a sweat! Ha ha ha! Also, the bus rides were very organized. loved the tent up at the starting line! Couldn’t have survived if it weren’t for that tent! Did I say excellent support and plentiful aid stations? terrific!

This was only my second endurance event but I really enjoyed the view and the colors as I ran through the canyon. I can’t wait to do it again and get a new PR on my half.

The route, the small numbers, and the transportation to the starting point. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Loved the course, weather, beauty, volunteers and organizers, having the Utah Pace team, etc. I really liked having the large drop bags so I could take lots of warm clothes with me to the start line.

Course was good. Accommodations were great. Water stations were fun. Thank you to the volunteers – they worked hard and they rocked it!

Gorgeous run, well marked, well stocked water stations. An amazing marathon with great views.

The warming tent at the start was an amazing addition to a perfect race!! The volunteer are wonderful!!!

Beautiful landscape. I love the small town feel down to naming the runners as they crossed the finish line. Tons better than the first year.

Everything, such a great course and top notch volunteers! Keep up the good work! Medals and shirts were awesome!

Beautiful course!

The scenery and the time of year. The course was forgiving and had pretty decent variation. Great race! Enjoyed it thoroughly and hope to do it again next year. Please strive to keep the small town feel and personal touch as this race continues to grow. I think that this aspect sets it apart from other events in the state.

Beautiful Course. Excellent aid stations. I can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks for all your hard work.

Easy trail, beautiful surroundings! My first 1/2 and it was awesome!

Location, aid stations, park ending. We had several friends and family sign up. I think it is a new tradition for us. Thank you!!!

Very well organized. party atmosphere. fun. super nice and enthusiastic volunteers. Nice job!

Very scenic.

I loved the scenery and the stations.

Loved the race director. Loved how well organized and well ran it was. Everything was so stress free as a participant. The aide stations were awesome! All the music and fun along the route was amazing. All the volunteers were so great. I really could go on and on, I cannot say enough good things about it. I’ve already committed many friends to doing this race next year including myself! Loved it! Loved it!

There were more toilets, there was more space for us to run, the weather was not too hot, and it was beautiful. I loved the people who sat along the course playing the different musical instruments-guitars, bagpipes etc…That was wonderful.

Beautiful course, well supported. Well done! Thanks.

Loved the fresh fruit provided at aid stations. Kudos to the volunteer staff, they were wonderful.

Well organized. Beautiful course.

Pretty run.

Loved the run down the river bottom. Aid stations staff were awesome. First time at this event and will run it again.

Absolutely beautiful weather and course. Thanks so much, it was a great day!!!!

Good view, nice downhill, later start and good weather.

Very great course, great volunteers and after party. The mayor was terrific!

Loved the course, the different foods at each water station, the music at the start line.

The course, the volunteers, the ease of registration, the time of year. All great.

I’ve run a lot of races so i tend to compare. This was by far the most organized race I’ve run & the funniest!

It was a good course, fun aid stations–the volunteers were great! It was beautiful area. I liked the road closure this year. Plan on participating again next year!!!!!

Beautiful course and wonderful volunteers.

It was a little chilly at the start but ended up being great weather for a race, I set a pr, beat my previous time by 5 minutes. It was a great day and everyone did a great job. I was happy that I had a chance to meet and talk to the winner Mario.

The scenery is great! I really liked the shirts and medals this year.

Great Location, great staff, immediate chip times, easy to participate in.

I have never run down hill and I loved it.

This being my 1st half marathon, it was very well organized. Would attend again, & tell others about it.

The event was flawlessly managed. Nice job!

Great job!

Beautiful, friendly aid stations, great finish.

It was fun. Thank you! I would like to know who won best aid station.

I loved that the event organizers really listened to the concerns of the runners from the year before. As this is a newer event there were several things that needed to be adjusted and the organizers did that! I also loved how they had the water/aid stations have a good time. It wasn’t just water and snacks, it was an atmosphere that really boosted the runners.

I have participated in your first two half marathons and the improvements from last year to this year were substantial! Thank you for listening to us the runners and taking care of many requests. Having a full lane to run in helped a ton and the water/aid stations were much improved from last year as well. Overall this is a great event and me and my family plan to participate for many years!

I thought it was great that you had a variety of pacers. it really helped me get started at the speed I wanted to go. I had a great time running this race with my 13 year old son. We had a great time as friends training for this race. Thanks for making it a down hill course.

I loved how organized it was, all of the volunteers were amazing at the aid stations as well. It was also pretty amazing to hear your name announced as you approached the finish line, after completing 26.2 miles that gave you an extra push to get across that finish line! Thank you for making us feel like super stars! Keep up the great work on this amazing event! I WILL see you next year!

It is a beautiful course. Good aid stations and loved the tent this year.

My first 10K since moving back to Utah so it was a nice experience! I’m glad I did it. Thank you!

Great course, time of year and volunteers. Medals were fabulous and the organizers very helpful and supportive,

The positive energy and organization. It was so rewarding.

Very well organized. Beautiful course. Friendly locals. Thank you.

The course. it’s perfect – downhill not too steep. It’s beautiful too. Great time of the year.

Very well organized.

The location was beautiful. The start was very comfortable with the tent. The volunteers were great. A big improvement by the monastery and the last little bit. The part was extremely painfully dull the first year. Plenty of bathrooms. I can’t even image the work that goes into planning and carrying out an event like this, I appreciate all the work and the wonderful race. Thanks so much! If I decide to ever run another marathon I think Huntsville will be the one.

I really enjoyed the beauty of the run and the friendliness of all the people. So we’ll put together and everyone at every station was upbeat and encouraging!

Amazing course set up. It’s like the road was paved with this marathon in mind. Low traffic. Lots of gradual downhill. Beautiful pristine scenery the whole way.

Start time, course, volunteers, everything at the finish. Keep it going. Thank you!

Every mile was marked… very well supported – more than enough aide stations that were all themed… so FUN! Nice, warm tent at the start (could have been a little bigger – but, hey, it was warmer with the crowd!)… everything was great for my first marathon – LOVED IT!

Since the temperature at the start was so much cooler than at the finish (for a slow poke like me), it would have been nice if I was able to leave my jacket and gloves at an aide station and have them transported to the finish line… I think there were probably many “donated” jackets, etc. – but even though I donated mine, I thought that the marathon was an excellent event and I plan to run it again… I had a great time 🙂

This was my first half marathon and it could not have been a better experience! The route was beautiful and the people were awesome…so much energy and fun! I will absolutely run thus next year! I am hooked! Awesome. Thank you.

Beautiful place to run. Great job, and I’ll be back for sure, the scenery while running is too awesome to pass up!

The scenery was beautiful. Friendly people.

The aid stations and the organization was fantastic! Larger mile marker signs. Overall well done, I will be back next year. Loved it!

I like that it is mostly downhill, and located in beautiful Ogden Valley, where I live. Thank you committee and all the volunteers for all your hard work. Thank you to the bus drivers for letting us stay as long as possible before the race, because of the cold. Great race!

The beautiful scenery. I loved running down the mountain road. Thanks to all that helped pull it together.

I like the course and scenery.

It was very well organized. Good station provisions. Good communications, facilities and staff. I was impressed and hope to do it again next year!

The shirts and medals were great this year!! Keep getting the same type and style of shirts from this year for years to come. I love the style. Great shirts!!!!

I liked how organized it was, and how well it ran.

It was so beautiful!

Great scenery, good transportation, good course support.

I thought it was very well put together. Well organized and enjoyable experience. I thought it was great the aid stations provided more than just water but also Gatorade, GU, skittles and fruit.

Aid stations Warm tent at start. Best idea ever!!!!! Keep the price low even when you get famous.

The course, the volunteers, all the water/rest stops were perfect and there were lots of them!

Beautiful area, supportive volunteers and community support, good treats.

Loved the course, and not a long wait once the buses dropped us off.

Well supported, great aid stations!!

Great course and views of course. The volunteers were great. Even though I threw up halfway through the race I was glad that I ran and was able to finish on this wonderful course. Hopefully I will feel better next time! Thanks to all the staff and volunteers!

There were never lines for the bathroom at the start of the race, the volunteers were excellent, and the bussing up was very organized. Loved the kids race, my kids were in heaven.

The finish line activities were fun. I also liked the different bands and people cheering along the way.

Loved the bands and people along the last four miles of course. Thanks for the great race.

The course was beautiful and the race was well organized

I loved the scenery. It was the most picturesque event I’ve experienced.

I Loved the aid station volunteers. They were awesome!! It is a very well planned race. This is a great event. It was a beautiful day and the staff was the best.

The course was beautiful and fast. I loved the number of port-a-potties at the beginning and throughout the race. Thank you! The themed aid stations were also fun. Thank you for a well-organized, beautiful race. I loved it!

Warm tent, well organized. Thank you, keep it up.

The course was great and all the volunteers! Great event! I will do it again!!

I loved the trail and that it started a little later than most marathons do.

Upper part of the course. Good support. Good organization. Thanks for hosting this event. It has a lot of potential.

Great route, beautiful weather, nice shirts and medals, good aid stations. I loved the heated tent at start line instead of fires so I didn’t smell like a campfire all day. Overall, it was an amazing event for a great price & I would run it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for a fantastic race – I had a blast! ;o)

I loved the course.

It was beautiful 🙂

Great Organization, course, and scenery.

The staff was very friendly and encouraging and the course was great.

For just it’s 2nd year best organized and setup event I’ve ran!

I loved the whole event! It was an amazing course, great competition, spectacular volunteers.

Well organized, volunteers were great.

Organization was top notch, far better than most I have experienced. The course is beautiful. Huntsville BBQ across the street from the finish line was a huge bonus. Loved the volunteers.

I loved it! Cant wait to do it again!

The staff at the end of the race were so kind and helpful, it was completely unexpected. Thanks

Beautiful course; great aid stations; great community support; very organized. Really a great event. For a second year run, it felt as “mature” and as organized as St. George or Top of Utah. Great job!

Well organized, I liked the course. There was NO LINE for the bathrooms, which is pretty incredible and definitely appreciated.

Well staffed, after finish was well organized. I enjoyed it, ran faster then the first time. Will go to Boston and enjoy the memories.

Organization, no more beautiful course and location, race size, shirts and medals, the aid stations and volunteers were excellent!

This event had the best volunteers I’ve ever experienced in any event I’ve participated in, from triathlons to half marathons.

Beautiful Course. Excellent volunteers. All aid stations were staffed well. I was impressed with all the help at the finish line.

You have a very close knit community who are extremely friendly. i registered for the Half, ran into health problems and ended up walking the 10 K. The transition was smooth, and I got to keep my marathon shirt. thank you. after the 10 K , I helped volunteer with My best friend Laural. It was a great experience!

Loved the course. It was such a fun run.

It was well-organized with a lot of helpful volunteers.

Fun and energetic volunteers at the aid stations. The way the runner clothing bags were handled was well organized.

Scenery was beautiful. Volunteers were great!

The course is great. Thank you.

Great course / well organized / solid support crew / traffic control / plethora of Honey Pots! See you next year.

Home town feel, lovely course, nice medals, well organized finishers area, much better shirt for half and full distances than last year (I like the long sleeve). Just wanted to thank Huntsville for being such great hosts!

The weather was great, so was the scenery. It felt very organized and well-planned. This was the first race I’ve ever participated in, and i will definitely be back next year. it was the perfect starting point for me. everybody was very friendly and helpful. THANK YOU!!!

Loved the scenery and the course. The themed water stations were awesome. I loved the medals. Very classy and much better than the top of Utah half!

Everything! Best race ever. Route was gorgeous, race was extremely organized. Good job. Thank you a million times. It was an amazing experience.

Great course. Well organized. Good job Huntsville!

The course was beautiful.

The view and volunteers where amazing. Thank you for putting on a great event!

It was a beautiful course!

I loved pretty much everything about it. Very well organized, the aid stations were awesome, and the volunteers were amazing. LOVED IT!!! Thank you for everyone and everything that was put into the race. Especially the volunteers, they definitely make a difference and the fact that they are doing it for free and spending their day encouraging others completely remarkable!!! THANK YOU!!!

The downhill portion of the race was the best for sure. The canyon was beautiful.

Gentle downhill course. Well stocked aid stations. Start time was perfect for this this of year in the mountains. Wonderful event. Thank you.

Great job. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers!

I felt good, beautiful course.

Pretty course.

It was very well organized. I appreciated the music along the run. I loved that the buses stayed for a while so we could sit on them. I think the timing and the packet pick-up was very well organized.

It really was so good! Finish line was so fun and exciting. All the support was great. EXCELLENT aid stations.

I loved the music, the kind bus driver (we were the first half marathon group up and he was awesome!), the aid stations, the end party, and the medal and shirt, the pacers! Thank you for a great time! My half PR 🙂

The course was beautiful and the race support was fantastic.

I love the process you had for retrieving your clothing that was left at the clothing drop, worked perfectly.

The people who organized it and the volunteers were very nice and friendly, I could feel the event was very important for them. The music players at the last part of the race were a great idea, something which encouraged me at this part. The whole happy and non-stressful atmosphere around was great. The feature which let me get the results immediately was very nice.

It was incredibly beautiful.

Great course, tent at top was a life-saver. Nice to be able to drop clothes along the course as well.

It was well organized and the course was beautiful.

Scenic route, well-organized, lots of support along the route. Thanks to all of the myriad of volunteers for putting on such a fantastic event. i will continue to spread the word about this!

Very organized and fun race. Had a great race!!

Course, volunteers,end of race support. Overall a great event.

Perfect Location, Start Time, Time of Year, Volunteers.

I liked the course, the water stops, the efficiency with which it was run. It started on time, which is rare.

Loved it all… I do think with how this race is growing, I thought it had been going for years not realizing it was still in its infancy !!! You need a bigger expo before and after your race !!!! I will promote this race.. I never thought I would run again having had both my knees replaced but I did, was not fast but not last !!! It was a great run to make a comeback on.. Thanks so much you did an awesome job!!! Overall I had a great time !!! I am already talking it up for next year.. I love bringing in newbies that have never ran something like this before!!! Keep it up and I’ll see you next year!!!

Loved the scenery, the downhill, organization was very good.

Loved the scenery, the downhill, organization was very good It was a great race and looking forward to do it again next year.

Great location. Great job!

So many great volunteers, Beautiful trail, loved the shirts, logos…. Loved EVERYTHING!!

Great course, well organized.

Well organized. Keep it going.

Huntsville is a beautiful place so the scenery along the race route was awesome!

Very organized, beautiful course!

Loved the aid stations and the volunteers that were out playing music.

Loved everything from the ease of parking, number of portapotties, course, Gatorade on course and the amount of drinks, and post race snacks. Great finish/start line too. Packet pickup was simple with short lines and a convenient location. All staff from packet pickup to the finish line were amazing. THANK YOU!

Nice weather, well organized, and fun.

It was gorgeous! Winding around Huntsville at the end was a little agonizing for me, but it made the finish that much sweeter! Also the customer service was phenomenal! I made a mistake on my registration and emailed you guys about it, I was sure I wouldn’t hear a response but to my surprise the problem was taken care of that day! Thanks so much 🙂

Well done.

Great music, heated tent, and plenty of porta johns at the race start. Ample and well stocked nutrition/hydration stations along the way. Bag pickup at the finish was very organized and efficient.

I loved the medals (different color than most :). Good job to every volunteer. It really is one of my favorite runs. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

Beautiful run and nice people.

Very well planned. Great Volunteers. Loved the canyon run. LOVED IT!

I really liked the fun water stops with candy, fruit and goo. It was great for my first Marathon!

Great volunteers, course, fuel stations, friendly staff, nice medals.

Great half marathon. Beautiful course and very nice people in Huntsville and the County.

Loved the start time.

I thought the course was awesome! It was beautiful and was a perfect amount of downhill and flat. I loved the people who were helping and the bands and people playing instruments along the way. That was a nice touch! There were plenty of toilets at the start line which was awesome.

The route and view were great.

The course was challenging, yet not too daunting.

Nice course, outstanding volunteers, well organized. I was a pacer and really enjoyed how friendly everyone was and appreciative of my helping them hit a PR!!!

The course was beautiful, loved it. This was my first marathon and it was a good one! I’ll be back for sure.

Frequency of aid stations was perfect. I never wondered “when is the next one?” The musicians were kind of unexpected and neat near the end.

The scenery! So beautiful! I also loved the live music. Very personal and entertaining.

I really enjoyed the friendly volunteers and the amazing support that was offered. The flat section with all the bands was an incredible addition and such a great motivator when you were physically wiped out. Keep up the great work.

Very friendly, downhill on a very scenic route. If I lived in Utah I’d definitely be back next year but not sure the travel budget will allow me back so soon from the UK! Great event, thanks to all who volunteered and helped out in whatever way!

Shirts, medals, routes. All perfect.

Beautiful course, moderate, easy downhill run.

Beautiful course, great volunteers, started on time, the timing system was flawless.

Good location and volunteers. Great job!

Loved the scenery.

Good environment. Overall I was very impressed and had a great time. Well done

Well organized.